207 Tompkins Street Syracuse, NY 13204

Holy Name Society

Who We Are: A group of men dedicated to our savior, Jesus Christ. We come together for both spiritual and social purposes.

What We Are About: We hope to encourage men to deepen their relationship with Jesus, and through good Catholic example, both religious and social, enrich themselves and their families.

Who We Serve: Our membership of parish men, while serving as a social and spiritual group, also serves the Parish community at large through its various fundraising and human concern activities.

What We Do: Provide for meaningful opportunities in religious retreats, pray the Rosary at a deceased members wake, and other religious services (including attendance at the 9:00 A.M. Liturgy as a group prior to meetings); social activities where men of the parish and their families can come together within a Catholic environment.

We Meet: The second Sunday of September through June following the 9:00 A.M. Liturgy. Meetings are held in the Church Undercroft. No meetings are held during the months of July and August. Dues are $10.00 per year. There is no requirement for attending meetings or functions, but all are encouraged to do so as often as they can. Meetings last about 1 hour and include coffee and donuts.

We Welcome Members: All men of the Parish—single, married, or widowed—are encouraged to join the Holy Name Society. Our group is a member of the National Holy Name Society.

Why We Do It: We have dedicated ourselves to our faith, our families, and our Parish.


Father Mihai Dubovici 2018 Spiritual Director 478-5109
Mike Clark 1993 President 468-2998
Vasyl Grabovyy   Vice President  
Fred Bush 1998 Treasurer 458-4381
George Chuposka 1996 Financial Secretary 469-4330
Steve Suche 1994 Recording Secretary 487-8174
Paul Straka 1993 Marshall 673-2763
Marian Kohut 1961 Marshall 476-8498

For More Information: Please Contact: President:  Mike Clark 468-2998