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St. John the Baptist

From The Pastor

Religious Education for this school year
The parish is looking to start offering religious education once again, for children grades Kindergarten  12th grade. Reminder, just because your child made their First Solemn Holy Communion, does not mean their religious education is over. We are asking all interested parents to please register their children with the
parish, so we can get an accurate count of students and determine best date and time to offer this program. You can register by sending an email to [email protected] providing the following information in your email:
Child’s Full Name ____________________________________
Child’s DOB_________________________________________
Parents Name (Father) ________________________________
 (Mother) ________________________________
Place & Date of Baptism ________________________________
Also indicate if the:
Child will possibly be making First Solemn Holy Communion this year, and if the
Child had been in St. John’s Religious Education program prior

Registering more than one child? Please provide the information for each child in a separate paragrah.
Info Due as soon as possible.

Divine Liturgies Intentions for 2022
The parish is now scheduling Divine Liturgy Intentions for 2022. If you would like to schedule a liturgy for a deceased family member or special intention, please contact Stephanie Woyciesjes at 315-657-6868 or email at [email protected] You may also place a note with your intentions in the collection basket, marked “Attention Stephanie  Liturgies.
Divine Liturgies are $20.00 each or $30.00 with a Panakhyda Service.
As a reminder, there are still weekday liturgies available this year.

The Beginning of the Church Year
In the Eastern Catholic Churches, the new Church Year starts on September 1st (Gregorian Calendar), ending on August 31st, and starts September 14th (Julian Calendar) and ends September 13th.
At the Ecumenical Council of Nicaea held in 325, the Church Fathers accepted these dates as the official beginning of the church year. We find record of this practice being kept from the 8th century on.
The Catholic Churches in the Eastern tradition continue to keep this liturgical tradition alive. Where as our Catholic brethren in the Western or Latin tradition have assigned the first Sunday of Advent as the start of their liturgical year.

Newly Established Prayer Chain

Our parish has re-ignited a prayer chain for special intentions. Sponsored by the Apostleship of Prayer, please feel free to submit your special requests and also to volunteer as a member of the prayer chain. If you would like to be part of the Prayer Chain, or have a prayer request, please contact:

Linda Wisnowski - (English only) at 315-451-0712; or Lesia Nowey - (Ukrainian & English) at 315-857-7281. All requests are confidential.

COVID-19 guidelines update:

Please note that, updated protocols based on the new directives from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), New York State, Syracuse Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church, and the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Stamford include

Effective 6-7-21: 

  • You may enter and exit the church from any entrance. 
  • The elevator will be available for those who need it. Please limit the number of people in the elevator to two people. 
  • There will be no more contact tracing, so no need to sign in. 
  • Masks and social distancing are not required by parishioners and guests who have been fully vaccinated. However, 
    • Masks may still be worn, and social distancing may still be observed by parishioners who have been fully vaccinated. 
    • Masks and social distancing are still required by those who have not been fully vaccinated. 
  • Hand sanitizer is still available for those who wish to use it. 
  • Place your offering in the basket on the Tetrapod. 
  • Seating will no longer be marked or designated, however, 
    • Some distance should be maintained in all cases and places. 
    • Distance is to be maintained around all people wearing masks. 
  • Holy Communion will be distributed as usual. 
  • Only priests and deacons distributing Holy Communion and those who have not been vaccinated are required to wear masks while receiving Holy Communion. 
  • Prayer books and hymnals will be available in the pews. 
  • Bulletins will be available after Divine Liturgy.

And remember: if you are not feeling well, please stay home.




Saturday: 4:00 p.m. English
Sunday: During present restrictions, only one Liturgy at 10:00 a.m.  Ukrainian
Tuesday - Friday: 8:00 a.m.

Holy Days: 9 a.m. on the Feast Day; 6 p.m. Vigil the evening before the Feast.

10:00 am - 12:00 pm; 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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Confessions: Confessions before and after Liturgies or by request.
Baptisms: Please contact the parish office before arranging the date.
Marriage: Call the parish at least 6 months in advance. Pre-marital counseling is mandatory.
Religious Education: Religious Education every Sunday at 10 am in the parish school. If you would like to register your children please contact Martha Wojtowycz.
Sacrament of the Sick: In case of emergency, call parish anytime.
Bulletin Deadline: Monday of every week.
Church Facilities: Any use of church facilities must be cleared in advance at the rectory.
Cemetery: The purchase of cemetery plots is a privilege reserved for parishioners. Please contact the rectory before any major improvements are undertaken.
Bequests: In making out your will, kindly remember your church. St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church, Syracuse NY is our legal title.